Real Estate Disclosures In Orange County

Imagine you’re selling a house, and when it comes to your knowledge about the real estate market in Orange County, you’re a novice. You have no idea what goes into purchasing or selling a home, let alone all of the steps involved and the legal ramifications that come with said steps.

Luckily for you, you have come to the right page; in this article, we will discuss 5 things sellers must know about real estate disclosures in Orange County. So keep reading!

5 Things Sellers Need To Know About Real Estate Disclosures In OC
When buyers have purchased real estate, they expect to be able to use and enjoy the property without interference. If any problem prevents that enjoyment, then it needs to be disclosed by the seller of real estate in Orange County so they can make an informed decision.

Is there a factory nearby that emits smoke or strong smells? Does the loud band at your local high school prevent you from enjoying your home? If any of these are an issue, be sure to disclose them.

If you know of natural problems on the property or its surrounding area, it is your duty as a real estate seller to disclose this information. For example, if there are known fault lines nearby and your property sits atop one, this must be disclosed. Not doing so could leave you liable for any damages incurred by future owners who are not informed or who are misled.

If you believe your home is haunted, you are legally required to disclose this information when selling the property in some states. Generally, hauntings that are not caused by the conditions of the house do not need to be disclosed.

However, if the haunting is caused by something related to the house, such as its structure or a previous event, it must usually be mentioned in disclosures. Sellers should learn about Orange County’s specific laws regarding disclosing deaths associated with a property before putting their home on the market.

Although many people do not like the idea of historic preservation ordinances and feel they are a hindrance to free enterprise, such ordinances exist for a reason. Many buyers look at real estate in Orange County with an eye on the history of their new home or its historical value.

If you know about any past incidents on your property that may have a historical value or are required to be disclosed, then you need to inform future buyers. A good example is any type of criminal incident on your property in the past since such information may influence the type of buyer that is interested in purchasing your home.

There are certain things sellers must do and others they should do when putting their homes on the market. In most cases, as-is means just what it says – you, as a seller, cannot say whether or not issues with your property can be repaired or fixed. The buyer may have ideas about how to fix a problem and use this as leverage to negotiate a better price.

In most cases, disclosing such things is not in your best interest. Unless you have proof that these items cannot be repaired or are free of defects, it is usually safest not to disclose them when selling real estate property because You may want to consult Orange County’s specific real estate disclosure laws before taking action.

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