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We Buy Houses In Foreclosure In Orange County CA

Foreclose can be a scary, tense, and nervewracking time. Many people who are in the process of losing their house to the lending bank are in the situation because they can’t afford their home due to a job loss or the inability to work. While banks might be willing to work with you to get caught up on payment, selling your house to OC Home Buyers could be a better option.

The reality of foreclosure

Homeowners dedicate time, money, and memories to their homes. It’s a place to raise a family and maintain a legacy. Having a bank threaten these opportunities becomes especially difficult. You’ll no doubt receive many reminders from the bank about your situation, too.

OC Home Buyers can help you fight foreclosure in a different way. The bank does have the right to the money they are owed, but OC Home Buyers can buy your house so you don’t need to experience bank harassment. You can be more in control of the home sale process in most cases by selling to a home buyer like us.

Why contact us?

Contact OC Home Buyers because selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t spend time fixing up your home (unless you want to!) and using the limited time remaining in your house to make it appear to someone else. Focus on finding a job, getting medically better, or whatever else put you in a foreclosure situation while OC Home Buyers buys the house.

OC Home Buyers will work with you. Call us at (949) 288-4767. We’ll give you a fair cash offer within 24 hours of meeting you and seeing your house. We can also work with video appointments if you don’t want to let us in your house, though meeting you in person is preferable.

Why avoid foreclosure?

So why do you want to avoid foreclosure? Well, it starts with your credit. For most people, credit helped them get a loan to buy a house. If the house is foreclosed upon, your credit score will take a sizeable dip and you’ll need to maintain some serious discipline, potentially for years, to be able to try and buy a house again. Foreclosures and lower credit scores, unfortunately, cost more in the long run with higher interest rates and having a harder time getting a loan. 

Foreclosure is avoidable, especially if your house is worth more than what you paid for it. You can avoid many of these problems in addition to the process of selling, fixing, or staging a house by selling it to us at OC Home Buyers instead.

We work quickly to ensure that your home is sold and cash is in your bank instead of letting your lending back take all the equity you built up. You’ll get a fair price for your home, compared to the lack of rewards for your effort you’ll receive from the bank itself.

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