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Sell Your House In Orange County Without Making Repairs

During a traditional real estate process, you might need to fix up parts of your house to make it look more appealing to buyers. When thinking about the work ahead, realize that you don’t always need to make everything look nice to sell your house.

Selling As Is

You’ll often see homes for sales “As Is.” You might wonder what that means. Selling As Is means that the homeowner is not willing to make any repairs for prospective home buyers. A person interested in buying the house can walk through and observe that there is water damage to a ceiling or cracks in the garage floor, but the homeowner has already stated they won’t dedicate the time or money to fixing a problem.

Selling As Is does require a bit more honesty. A home seller on a traditional sale must fill out a complete, detailed legal disclosure about the condition of many elements within the home. You’ll need to reveal what you know about how well the appliances in your home work, and whether or not the home has had rodents – amongst other questions. 

Selling As Is can be easier immediately on your wallet because you won’t need to pay for repairs.

The little things you can do

If you want to sell your house As Is, you can still do a few small things that don’t amount to real repairs. Your house can look and smell a bit more attractive to prospective buyers.

  • Change the light bulbs. Lighting has a big impact on how people see homes. Changing dying light bulbs and even well functioning lights to daylight bulbs can enhance the mood in your home.
  • Clean the carpets and floors. You could rent a carpet cleaner for not too much money and refresh your existing carpets. A simple mop and soap can help clear up tile or wood floors. A nice, clean carpet can reduce potential odors in your home.
  • Fresh paint. A recently painted wall looks nice if done right. Fresh paint feels renewed and is a cheap “fix.”

Choosing to sell as is

Besides the list above, there are more things you’ll want to do to your home if selling on the traditional market. Instead of going through the effort of staging, consider avoiding the hassle of getting your house ready and sell it to OC Home Buyers. Call us at (949) 288-4767 to begin selling your home for cash while avoiding much of the work that goes into preparing your home for someone else to see.

Our process is different. You won’t need to worry about the appearance of your home or setting it up to give someone else good feelings about your home. We are driven more by the comparable homes in the area and your home’s “bones” than the interior design.

Selling your home doesn’t have to be difficult. Call us at (949) 288-4767 and we will start the process with you.

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