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We Buy Inherited Houses In Orange County CA

Inheriting a house isn’t always like a movie scene where the person learns from a videotape that they have inherited a mansion or lots of money. While losing a loved one is hard enough, learning you inherited a home can be great news or more to do while making final arrangements. We at OC Home Buyers houses like this so relieve your worry.

Why sell an inherited house?

Inheriting a house sounds promising, and it certainly can be for some families and situations. Whether you are surprised by inheriting a house or you knew it was coming, suddenly having possession of a home can mean some challenges.


Homes need regular maintenance, which takes time and money. Not every person wants to own a home and mow a lawn or snowblow a driveway. Some homes are also inherited in less than great shape.


Property taxes tend to be 1% to 2% of a home’s value per year. This can be a significant expense, especially if it’s a nice house or in a nice area.

Poor shape

Not every home inherited was left in great shape. You’ve heard about homes discovered with 1960’s wallpaper and original appliances. These aren’t appealing to many!

Why have OC Home Buyers buy the inherited house?

OC Home Buyers makes the process of selling your inherited house easy. There are many parts of the home ownership and home selling process you can avoid by working with us, including


Traditional real estate agencies have a contract to be paid a percent of the home value when you sell. The amount is often thousands of dollars. You’ll also need to pay for closing costs in some scenarios, which also often costs thousands and lots of time. OC Home Buyers isn’t a traditional real estate agency and buys your home directly – so these costs aren’t a problem.

Sell without work

Rather than arranging and fixing up the inherited home, you can just sell it without hiring contractors or spending your time doing repairs. OC Home buyers buys homes “As Is” which means you just have to disclose what you know about a home instead of trying to maintain all of it.

Fast offer

The traditional home sales process can involve showings and waiting for the right offer. While a hot market can make this so quickly, it can also drag on for days and months. OC Home Buyers makes an offer within 24 hours of seeing the home. While other realty services will try to make your house look nice and presentable, OC Home Buyers looks at technical details and comparable homes instead. We are easier to sell to!


The home selling process can be unpredictable with last second showings, negotiations, and closing d

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