How to Sell a House With Liens in Orange County?

If you’re considering selling your house in Orange County, California, you likely want to get the best price possible and complete a relatively hassle-free sale. But what if there are liens attached to your property? A lien is a legal notice of an unpaid debt that appears on your title report. Liens can be filed by various creditors, including mortgage lenders to whom you owe a repayment on your house loan.

Fortunately, houses with liens can often be paid off and removed before the property changes hands. However, even if they cannot be removed, there are ways to handle any complications that may arise during the home-selling process. Keep reading to know more about liens and the type of priority levels that each lien has.

Top 2 Levels Of Priority Liens

When handling liens, understanding the type of lien on the property can make handling the lien a bit less overwhelming. Read on to explore liens and how to sell a house with liens in Orange County.

Consensual Liens

Consensual liens are voluntary or consensual in nature and consist of purchase-money security interest and non-purchase-money security interest. Purchase lien loans, such as a mortgage, are associated with the purchased property. In contrast, non-purchase-money loans take place without a direct financial relationship to the property but only stand as security for another cash loan.

Non-Consensual Liens

Non-consensual liens are typically tax-related and give the creditor secured interest on a property. To pursue their secured interest, creditors may have the property sold. 

For instance, if a property owner has failed to pay property taxes, the county tax collector may place a lien on the property. Other examples of non-consensual liens include judgment lines from a lawsuit filed by an individual or company seeking repayment for monetary damages.

Make Sure To Pay Off Your Liens

The most important consideration when selling a property with liens is to ensure that you completely pay off your lien before the transfer of title. If a creditor has recorded its mortgage loan on your deed, it may be in line to receive payment from the proceeds of the sale of your house. 

If a lien remains after closing, you may be in a difficult situation if you do not have enough money to pay off the lien. What’s more, having liens on your title can greatly affect property values and dramatically reduce the value of your house when it comes time to sell.

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